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The Oakton's website was developed to serve as an informative resource for its owners and tenants. 
To access pages listed under the Owners section and surveys posted online, you must be a current owner of record and request a login account to register. Click on Register in the upper left side of the page to sign up. The website administrator will verify your owner account information and send your login information to your email address. Because this is a manual process, your login information will not be sent to you instantly. If you are a new owner, this process will take longer because Cardinal Management needs to enter new owners into their database after they receive the resale paperwork.
Please note, because survey voting is restricted to one per unit, the login registration is also restricted to one per unit. For joint ownership, these owners are to share the same login.
Your login name is your full email address (including @ and your provider's name and domain). If you forget your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link on the Login page.
If you experience technical problems or have questions concerning the website, contact the website's administrator by using the pull down menu on the Contact Us page. Do not contact Cardinal Management, they do not maintain the website. If you have questions about the community, contact The Oakton's property manager (Victoria Garner) using Contact Us. Please note, the website administrator will not respond topics regarding community concerns or questions.
~ Neighborhood News ~
Trash Collection During Inclement Weather
Inclement weather can cause delays or suspend trash service. If the schools and federal government are closed due to inclement weather, chances are American Disposal Service (ADS) won't send their trucks out for trash collection either.
Go to ADS's website at for cancellations and alternative schedules.
Please do not put trash out if you are unsure if it will be collected or not. Leaving trash out is a violation and attracts pests.  

Snow Removal Procedures & Freezing Temperatures FAQs
The order of priority for snow removal operations:
   1. Oakton Terrace Rd. 3. Stairways
   2. Sidewalks 4. Mail Kiosk
The snow contractor will begin plowing once 2 inches of snow has accumulated, and as often as feasible thereafter so that the street is passable by emergency vehicles. Please keep in mind that if highways and main roads are not passable, the plows cannot make it to the community in a timely fashion and may be delayed. If at all possible, don’t travel on the streets until the snowfall is complete and the plows have passed through the community. Driving on unplowed roads compacts the snow, making it more difficult for sufficient plowing services to be effective which may result in the need for additional equipment. Salting of the streets will not take place during a significant storm until after the snowfall is complete.
Ice Melt is Available
Buckets of ice melt are located near the front and back of each building breezeway with a scoop for your convenience. Please feel free to use it when needed and contact Victoria Garner at Cardinal management if the bucket is empty.
Parking at The Oakton in Inclement Weather
  • Please keep in mind that parking is “first come first serve" at The Oakton and there are no reserved/assigned spaces. Shoveling your vehicle out from a snow storm is hard work and we certainly hope all of you will be respectful of your neighbors’ efforts and find another place to park.
  • Please do not place objects in parking spaces to “reserve” a cleared space or park in a manner where your car takes up more. 
  • Do not park in the Snow Emergency spaces during a snow storm. Vehicles occupying those spaces are subject to towing without notice.
  • It is a violation to shovel snow into the street and parking spaces.
Click here for a full list of snow removal procedures and freezing temperatures FAQs. Also review Oakton's Snow Policy (which is listed on the Rules page).

Please Adhere to the Trash Rules!
  • Trash pick-up is only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Place trash at the curb in sealed heavy-duty plastic bags by 8 a.m. on trash collection days only.
  • Do not put trash out the day before or after the trash collection has taken place. If you missed the trash pick-up, you must bring your trash back into your unit and wait until the next trash service day.
  • Put your trash on the curb in plain sight, not behind cars. The yellow painted curbs are the preferred location to put your trash.
  • Do not store your trash and recycling outside on your patio/balcony or by your front door.
  • Trash left outside on non-pickup times and days is a violation
For ADS service alerts go to The Oakton is a lovely place to live--please keep it that way by adhering to the trash rules and not littering!

Be Green, Please Recycle
Recycling is Every Wednesday
The recycling truck normally comes to the property in the morning
Do not put out items for recycling until the pick up day. Recycling trash will only be picked up on Wednesday.
Please note, Fairfax County is strictly enforcing recycling with our trash contractor. For instance, the County is mandating that all cardboard go with recycling and will levy a fine to our trash contractor American Disposal Service (ADS) if cardboard is mixed with the regular trash. Subsequently ADS will not pick up recyclable items on Monday and Friday.

Please adhere to the trash schedule and only put your recyclable trash out on Wednesdays! Trash left on the grounds is an eyesore and can diminish everyone's property values.

~ Upcoming Events ~
Providence District FY20 Community Meeting
Tuesday, March 26th, 7 - 9 p.m. at Providence Community Center Rooms 1 & 2

Providence District Supervisor Linda Smyth, School Board Member Dalia Palchik and the Providence District Council host their annual community meeting on the FY 2020 Budget. 

The meeting is at the Providence Community Center in  multipurpose rooms 1-2 on the first floor of the Providence Community Center, 3001 Vaden Drive, Fairfax 22031.  

Join fellow Providence District residents as budget forecasts for the county and public schools are presented and discussed.

Annual Homeowners' Meeting
Thursday, March 28th, 6:30 p.m. at Providence Community Center, 3001 Vaden Dr., Fairfax. VA
Registration: 6:30-7 p.m.
Meeting starts at 7 p.m.
Owners are encouraged to attend this meeting or send in their proxy. 
Pizza, subs, and refreshments will be served.
Remove Firewood from Patios/Balconies
Monday, April 1st
Residents are reminded to remove their firewood from their patio or balcony by April 1.
Board of Directors' Meeting
Wednesday, April 17th, 6:30 p.m. at TBD
Owners are welcome to attend.
Parking Forms Due
Friday, May 31st
In order to receive 2019 parking stickers, residents are reminded that they must submit their parking registration from by May 31.
Plumbing Inspection Due
Friday, May 31st
A licensed contractor is required for the inspection and The Oakton's 2019 plumbing inspection form must be used.

~ FYI ~
Residents' Vehicles Must Display Parking Decals or Hang Tags
Residents' vehicles are required to register and display either a cling decal or hang tag issued by Management.
Visitors are limited to park up to 8 days per month. Any visitor parked longer than 72 hours (up to 192 hours) must be a registered visitor and display a visitor pass issued by Management. If you live at The Oakton your vehicle cannot qualify as a "visitor's vehicle". Visitors must comply with the parking policy and their vehicle is subject to towing when non-compliant. For more information see The Oakton's parking policy, it's listed on the website.

I-66 Project Update from VDOT: Jan. 2019
Crews will continue corridor-wide roadway maintenance and address issues as needed, with daily multi-lane closures during daytime and overnight hours. 
Upcoming construction activities include:
  • Bridge abutment construction at Route 28 and I-495
  • Constructing box culverts inside the Route 123 Interchange for shared use path
  • Constructing retaining walls near Jermantown Road
  • Grading, excavating, and clearing trees and brush at the Route 28, Route 123, Route 50, and I-495 interchanges and other work zone locations along the corridor
  • Grading, excavating, and small charge blasting for storm drain trenches at the future University Boulevard Park and Ride Lot
  • Grading and excavating for the new E.C. Lawrence Park Access Road
  • Relocation of underground and overhead utilities along I-66 and Route 28
For additional details go to

Termite Monitoring
The wood stakes you see in the ground by the buildings are termite monitors. Please do not disturb or move the stakes. The Association pays a yearly warranty for termite monitoring which includes inspection and treatment. If termite activity is found on the stakes, the pest control company will follow up and treat the area.

~ Survey ~
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