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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the 2020 Annual Homeowners' Meeting will be Held Virtually via Zoom
The primary purpose of the annual meeting is to elect two directors to the Board. There are two director positions up for election for the Board of Directors for a 3-year term. The current two directors plan to re-run for the Board. If you are an owner in good standing (without delinquency) and have a desire to run for a position on the Board, please complete the nomination form and return it to Cardinal Management by August 24, 2020.
Call for Nominations
This is the final call for candidates before the 2020 meeting. The name of each person submitting timely and valid petitions will be included on the proxy ballot of the Annual Meeting. Due to the virtual setting this year, nominations will not be accepted from the floor and there will be no voting in person. If you wish to run for the board it is critical that you submit your candidacy and Cardinal Management receives it no later than August 24, 2020.
After August 24, owners will receive a proxy voting ballot with the list of candidates on it. Their narrative from the nomination for will also be included. Prior to the voting deadline, a Meet the Candidates Zoom meeting will be held. This virtual meeting will give owners the opportunity to meet the candidates and hear why they are interested in serving on the Board.
Once the candidates and ballot is determined, this information will be posted to this page. 
The Annual Meeting information will be mailed to owners and information will be posted to this page.

The Oakton Condominium is administered by a unit owners association. The establishment and operation of the association is based on the Declaration and Bylaws, which are developed in conformance with the requirements of the Virginia Condominium Act.

The Oakton's Unit Owners Association is the organization responsible for governing the condominium and consists of all unit owners of The Oakton. By purchasing a condominium unit, owners are automatically members of the condominium unit owners association. A board of directors, annually elected from and by the owners is responsible for administering the affairs of the association. Five directors are authorized by the Bylaws to be elected to the board. As trustees for each owner's interest in the common elements, the board oversees the operation of the condominium. This includes setting and enforcing policies for the condominium, reviewing and approving the budget, hiring the property management agent, contractors and necessary staff for maintenance of the condominium, and providing guidance for the functioning of the committees appointed by the board.

The owner(s) of each unit have a vote in the association proportionate to the percentage interest assigned to the unit. Since a large unit has a greater percentage interest than a smaller unit, the owner of a large unit will have a greater vote in the association. To view each unit's percentage of interest, refer to the Assessments section of this site.

Board of Directors
The association elects directors at the homeowners' annual meeting to replace the directors whose terms are due to expire at that meeting. All directors elected to the board are required to be unit owners or affiliated directly with an entity, such as a partnership or corporation, that is a unit owner. Board members must not be delinquent with assessments or fines and should be available to attend board meetings and to respond to email correspondence. For more details on the board of directors and the election process, please read The Oakton's Articles 3, 4, and 5 of the Bylaws. After the homeowners' annual meeting, the board elects its officers.

FY 2021 Board of Directors
Susan Jarmolowski, president
Michael Gildea, secretary
Al Zebrowski, treasurer
Eric Whitaker, member-at-large
Neil Sheinbaum, member-at-large

Page updated on July 31, 2020



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